It has been a while, so much for regular posting.. But let’s keep our spirits up. This is the progress I’ve made so far with Rust:

I got my STM32F7508-DK in hand, and I was able to modify, compile and flash a fork of the stm32-rs package on the microcontroller. That said, the code breaks at some point while trying to initialize some peripherals that I think the 508 simply does not have.

The package itself is quite complex, and tries to generate a library from the .svd files that smt32 provides. Since this files are known to be incomplete and even incorrect (seriously ST? How can this be possible?) the package also provides some python scripts and extra tooling for generating fixed files that are then processed by svd2rust crate.

This has been fun and all, but I haven’t really been writing any rust code, so for now I’m writing some minor tooling I needed.

Since that was a bit too much, I bought a discovery board (STM32F3 processor board for 15$!), because it’s the second most supported target after the raspberry pi. While I could jump directly to the raspberry, I feel like it has more sense to work my way up, because the point of this is not only learning, but developing a platform for ARM microcontrollers, and right now ST family looks like my best bet.